SosArt‘s revolutionary project aims to offer concrete support to artists, especially to those who do not have the possibility of exhibiting their works in traditional art galleries. Sales costs and commissions are often prohibitive, forcing many artists to choose between art supplies and their daily livelihood. We are responding to this abuse which, if left unchecked, could cause the extinction of traditional art galleries and artists, progressively replaced by digital technology. SosArt‘s mission is declared revolutionary: we aim to conquer the planet by including artists from the four corners of the world, making a selection on three levels:

1- An artist for each continent
2 – An native artist for each nation
3 – An native artist for each region/province

This will allow us to unite the vast artistic diversity that exists in the world and march together to support artists and art. The selected artists will be able to register for free, benefiting from the possibility of being contacted directly by potential buyers interested in their works. SosArt does not ask for any commission in the event of a sale. We invite artists who wish to be part of our selection to join the FB group, not only to exhibit their works, but also to share their experience and help us spread the SosArt message.

We are waiting for you on “ SosArt Team on Revolution ”.